Roofing & Roof Repair

New Roofs and Roofing Repair in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

Cohen Construction, Inc. has installed hundreds of residential and commercial roofing systems in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We have worked with homeowners, architects, engineers, roof consultants, designers, developers, general contractors, and building owners.

We are experts in installing a wide variety of residential and commercial roofing products and systems.

roof repair lexington, maRoofing System Types…

  • Slate Roofs
  • Cedar Shingle & Shake Roofs
  • Copper & Other Metal Roofs
  • Low Slope, Rubber
  • TPO Roof Systems


Roofing skills cannot be learned overnight. We are familiar with all kinds of roofs. We use only the very best materials.

Some things to consider about your roof:

Your roof is not permanent. It needs care. You can give it that care by knowing what problems to look for and how and when to get professional help.

roofing specialist lexington, maThis means periodic inspections, either from the ground or on a ladder. Look for danger signs like:

  • Missing or cracked shingles
  • Debris on the roof
  • Clogged gutters and drains
  • Severe weathering
  • Curled shingles or other fatigued roofing material
  • Indoors you’ll want to check for leaks or damp areas and stains on ceilings

A newer roof should be inspected annually while a roof that is eight to ten years old should be inspected more often. If you are unable to safely make an inspection yourself, have a roofing contractor do it for you. The cost is reasonable, and it could prevent later unnecessary repairs.

Repairing a Roof…

flat roofs installers lexington, maThe proper repair of modern roofing systems frequently requires specialized knowledge, the application of new technologies and highly-specific skills. If your roof is relatively new and has developed only a minor leak, normally it can be easily corrected. Roofing that has been damaged or has blown away can be replaced, and leaks around flashings can be repaired.

If there is any damage done to the roof resulting from storms, hail, flying debris, or by other tradesmen working on your completed roof, you should notify your roofing contractor immediately.

Remember that roof damage, if neglected, will only get worse! A neglected roof can cause damage to other possessions — possibly even structural damage to your home or building.

When to Re-Roof…

If your roof is beyond repair or repair costs are excessive, re-roofing is the best solution. When re-roofing, the condition of the roof structure and its supports should be inspected for damage and repaired as needed. Hidden damage or dry rot not discernible at the time of the inspection may result in additional cost to the owner.

shingle roofing installers lexington, maLocally owned and operated, Cohen Construction, Inc will provide you with a complimentary on-site quote.

We are certified installers of Metal Roofing, Shingle Roofing, Tile Roofing, Flat Roofs and Roof Repairs.

Over the years, Cohen Construction, Inc has improved the look and quality of homes, commercial offices space and more.

If you are building, adding an addition, or in need of a renovation, give us a call.